Platform Scale

Platform Scale

Platform Scale

  • Model:MS-PS

Technical specifications for Platform Series(MS-PS)

MS & SS Platforms

50Kg 5gms 400/400MM
60Kg 5/10gms 500/500MM
100/150Kg 10gms 600/600MM
200/300Kg 20gms 600/600MM
500Kg 50gms 750/750MM
1000Kg 100gms 1000/1000MM
1500Kg 200gms 1200/1200MM
2000Kg 200gms 1200/1200MM
3000Kg 500gms 1500/1500MM
5000Kg 500gms 1500/1500MM
10000Kg 1Kg Customised

Note: Platform sizes will vary as per customer requirements.

  • Auto Zero
  • Auto Calibration
  • User Calibration
  • 100% over load protection
  • Tare,Net/Gross weighment
  • 14mm 6 digit Bright Red LED Display
  • Precise and instant Weighing
  • Accurate and Reliable
  • Standby mode

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